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3 Sound Healing Tips
for Yoga Teachers

Want to know more?

Sign up for instant access to SOUND HEALING FOR YOGA TEACHERS, our 2 hour online mini-course designed to give you the core content you need to safely get into experimenting with bringing acoustic sounds to your yoga class.

No more random banging of singing bowls... please!

Just grab a notebook and a coffee and click below to find out more and get started.

This course is a two-hour fast track to confident, creative and authoritative sound healing in your yoga class. You'll learn:

  • The basics of sound science and why it matters

  • How to integrate sound healing with energetics/the chakras

  • How to apply easy music theory to ensure lush-sounding results

  • Insider technique tricks and tips for professional results

  • How to choose singing bowls and other yoga-ready instruments

  • The need-to-knows to keep your students safe and insurers happy

Awesome! We're excited that YOU'RE excited and we'd love to welcome you to ALCHEMY: Total Sound Training, our accredited sound healing programme.
Level 1 - 3 days IRL in UK or India - is designed especially for YOU if you are looking to get certified in sound healing but not sure you need to go the whole nine yards with a deep dive training. It's also a great starting point to get you exploring multiple instruments and environments in a way that allows you to add the practice to existing classes and offerings, and gets you dipping your toes into 1:1 spaces and the wider sonic universe.
We know you won't want to stop at Level 1 (although you can if you want to!) -  there are 5 levels in our training programme so you can keep expanding your training and instrument repertoire as far as you want to.
Be warned, sound healing is ADDICTIVE stuff.

You can discover more by clicking below, or jump straight into booking a Discovery Call to start your enrollment journey. 

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