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+ reiki master
+ senior yoga teacher
+ frequency medicine expert


Janie is a sound healing practitioner, reiki master senior yoga teacher and frequency medicine expert who is fascinated by psychedelia, neuroscience, the quantum field and the power of the natural world.


As founder of Silence & Noise, she alchemises sound, science and spirit to explore the edges of the mind and the space beyond; she specialises in creating transcendent psycho-spiritual experiences, deeply relaxing lucid dreamstates, regenerative soul journeys and connections with cosmic consciousness. She has a particular interest in the impact of sound on PTSD, chronic stress and anxiety, high-functioning psychological conditions and the neurodivergent experience.


Her soundscape immersions sit far beyond the conventional sound bath, and are a constellation of skilfully blended modalities, illuminated by her intrinsic intuition, lived experience and constantly evolving professional practice.


She weaves together a multiplicity of modalities, artfully bringing forth opportunities for expansion and self-discovery that are unique to every experience; and moves fluidly between the scientific and spiritual realms to support the individual needs of her clients and guests.


A nomad at heart she is based in India, but maintains annual engagements throughout Europe and beyond.  Along with her shala schedule, private retreat &entrepreneurial clients and extensive retreat calendar, she is currently focused on the ongoing development of her unparallelled 5 -level sound practitioner certification and mentorship programme, along with upgrades to her ongoing sound, astrology and intuition online education courses.


Her first book “The Healing Power of Sound” will be published in May 2024 with David & Charles.

ways to work with JANIE

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Learn & get certified.

For the curious explorers and advanced practitioners alike


If you're in South Goa, come and visit the shala in Agonda for an unparallelled IRL sound experience.


Discover our unique transformational retreat concept that is tailored completely around you


Dive into our cosmic toolkit of sound tarot and astrology courses at your own pace, or book an online 1:1 reading

Janie is also available for retreats & corporate events OR for digital delivered events and experiences.

She is currently fully booked for IRL events in 2024 and is taking inquiries for 2025. Please send an email to discuss:

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