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When it’s time to get deep with me, myself and I, a personal retreat can be the most incredible investment in your own wellbeing at all levels - from the physical to emotional and spiritual.

What does it even mean? A 1:1 or personal retreat is simply a commitment to taking time for yourself to meet personal challenges, set new goals, release old programming - I’m here to guide, support, hold you accountable, and deliver a curated range of treatments and processes to move you along your path.

Because it’s all you, the potential for evolution and revolution is boundless, and it involves a deeper level of trust and connection between practitioner and guest. To support this, there is a spacious intake process with time for Zoom calls in advance, so we can discuss what’s brought you to this time and place, and the goals you are moving towards.



When you embark upon a personal retreat with Silence & Noise, you'll be joining us in Agonda, a village in South Goa where the tropical jungle meets the clear Arabian Sea, and the Western Ghats rise in a dramatic backdrop to the white sand beaches.


This dreamy little slice of paradise is a world away from the rave scene so often associated with Goa, life here is lived slowly and consciously, with the emphasis on community, simplicity and the pursuit of ananda - bliss. 

Accommodation is plentiful and great value, and whether you are called to a cabana on the beach, 

a jungle treehouse or a traditional Portuguese-style guesthouse, we'll source you the perfect digs for your visit. 


Here are a few flavours of this special corner of the planet, torn from our very own scrapbook.

sound healing retreats Center in India
sound healing retreats Center in Agonda sound healing retreats Center in Goa
sound healing retreats
Silence & Noise retreats
sound healing retreats Center in UK
sound healing retreats Center in Goa



Threading all aspects of the Silence & Noise universe together in one alchemical, potent package, our personal retreats are anything but ordinary. Whether you’re here to invest in powerful personal development or lean into a more restful resurgence, discover our immersive residential experiences - centred around the soundspace and sprinkled with stars, earth and soul.

We don't really do the luxe villa group thing. We've found a little piece of magnetic paradise here in Goa, so our retreat experiences are about sharing the land, the community and our practices with you, offering you accountability, guidance and inspiration to take your own journey to the next level.

We can curate your entire end-to-end experience including travel and accommodation, or simply provide you with a set number of hours of workshop and class content per day, allowing you to choose and scale your investment. You can make your retreat a hybrid holiday, part of wider travelling plans, or a completely closed container.



Think of it like the perfect album. Some pacy beats, some ballads. A story. A beginning and an ending, a journey and a destination. A feeling, an emotion, a connection.

Every day will include sound experiences whether immersive soundscapes, workshops on aspects of sonic neuroscience to help you upgrade your routine. Each and every session will be inspiring, some will be life-changing.

We suggest a minimum 5 day experience, although we can start from 3 days and go up to 10.


A few words from Janie:


Silence & Noise retreats are about finding new edges that lie beyond your comfort zone. They are rooted in our deep belief that whilst the soundspace can be a space of gentle nourishment and rejuvenation (always your option to choose), it offers a container for truly alchemical, transformative self-development work.

Over the years I’ve witnessed profound releases, recognitions, revolutions and regenerations in my soundspace, and so often people immediately want to come back for more, to spend longer and deeper time in the place that is giving them that which they seek - time with their own higher consciousness, soul, and intuition.

A retreat offers this time and space.

Whether you are here to process a trauma, grief or major life curveball; to invest in rest; or to carve out a new direction, I'm here alongside you.

What qualifies me to support you? My hybrid training across sound therapy, professional facilitation, guiding meditation, Reiki and other energy healing practices as well as lived experience of my own journey and the observation and wisdom gained in supporting thousands of people through the expansions offered by their personal evolutions in the soundspace.


Like, you, I'm on  journey, and I've been taking a lot of notes.


A discovery call offers time to discuss the alignment between your goals and my experience. Get in touch to schedule yours.



We'll start with a conversation about the heart of the matter - how do you want to feel on the other side of your retreat?

You can tell us what you want to achieve and what sort of time commitment you are ready to make. We'll go away to ruminate on your thoughts and input, and will bounce back a proposal with your own sample schedule, accommodation plan, and outcomes.


We'll weave together a core sound development offering and mix it up with additional classes and workshops often utilizing additional talents from within our community. We'll respond directly to what you've told us you want to focus on, and give you plenty of choices, whilst ensuring we find the most powerful route to your goals. You may not be sure about all of our suggestions - but bring an open heart and mind and we promise you'll leave enriched, expanded and unravelled from the old programming and thinking that brought you to us in the first place. 

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