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Cosmic Alchemy: 1:1 Consultation

My signature 1:1 session is a unique spiritual consultation journey, designed to take you to the growth edge of your personal development, supercharge your creativity, and unlock your intuition. I bring a completely real, practical and tangible approach to astrology and quantum sciences - I don’t just tell you what’s happening in your chart, I show you exactly how to apply it to the real time questions, situations and ideas in your lived world. Over 75 minutes we'll work with your natal astrology, the current transit astrology and oracle/tarot cards to dive deep into the burning questions that you're bringing to the session. I’ll draw from my deep well of multi-disciplinary soul sciences and spiritual arts to craft the container that’s right for you - these could include Usui reiki, crystal gridding/healing, quantum energy healing, or even a sprinkle of sound healing (although there is a separate 1:1 available if a full sonic immersion is calling you). This uniquely personal experience is about empowering you to feel more clear, confident and embodied in identifying your dharma/purpose and moving through the mountains and valleys of life. Cosmic Alchemy consultation sessions will leave you feeling expanded and uplifted - the clearest, fullest version of yourself, freshly equipped with clarity on where your own power and potential lies.




You are looking for guidance on major life transitions, projects or relationships


You are ready to move into higher awareness of your own natural cycles, and connect deeply with your innate superpowers and areas for growth


You enjoy energy work, transcendental travel and touching beyond the material world


You are seeking spiritual or energetic guidance


You feel called into healing or support on your healing journey


You are working on personal development/validation


You connect with or would like to access psychic insights


You are seeking inner confidence and clarity in the 5D/quantum/psychedelic realms

Nicki D, UK

“I felt a wonderful connection, and felt safe in her company and knowledge. She really did help me see and realise things and helped to confirm that where I am at and what I am going through in my life truly is the right path, and I do have the full support of the universe and wonderful people like Janie cheering me on from the sidelines. This was a great experience and I will be connecting with Janie again in the future for her guidance and support."

Danielle, Australia

"I had a wonderful call delving into my natal chart and what that means for me. Janie explained everything brilliantly to make sure I understood exactly what each placement meant and where my strengths and weaknesses are, I will definitely but booking this regularly. I felt held in such loving space and iIve walked away feeling confident and excited for things to come!"

how this works...


Select either a single 1:1

(£111 for 75 minutes)

or an Annual Astro Bundle (£333 for 4 sessions - that's one whole free session!)



Take part in your online session. If you purchased a bundle, we'll manually schedule your next call in at the end of the session - we'll choose an astrological relevant date for you based on our previous conversation.

Schedule your online appointment - let me know at point of booking if there are any specific themes you want to focus on. You'll find the link to access your call in the booking confirmation.


Check your inbox for a full video recording of your call, notes on your chart, key future personal dates for your diary over the next 1-3 months, photos and notes on your cards, and any of my house resource documents that I've referred you to during the call.

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