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Our space is nestled on a rooftop between the sea and the stars, blessed with a view across the Arabian Sea. We are perched above the sleepy village of Agonda, a palm-fringed, spiritual-minded paradise on the Goan coast.

The Sanskrit word ‘shala’ translates as both ‘home’ and ‘meeting place.’ Our shala has been created with the community at it’s heart, and we are so excited to welcome you to this peaceful space, gentle and graceful in her energy and yet a container for mesmeric expansion and evolution.

We are honoured to be part of the vibrant and welcoming community here in Agonda and honour the support and guidance of this village and our friends here. We are committed to supporting and giving back to this special place and her people, and are always here for suggestions and aligned collaborations.

what we offer

The space is a container for our signature sound journeys - so far beyond a simple sound bath, these experiences are an odyssey into transcendence, an opportunity for supra-consciousness expansion. We also hold a full spectrum of sonic offerings from neuroscience-based sound therapy to 1:1 energy healings, sessions for private groups, certified sound healer training as well as workshops and mentorship opportunities.

Alongside soundwork we specialise in an array of multi-disciplinary cosmic arts and sciences from various methods of breathwork practice to Western & Vedic astrology, tarot circles, voice activations, kirtan, and - of course - yoga. We offer yoga classes featuring methods unique to the local area such as Rocket, Jivamukti and Dharma yoga.

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Want to begin your journey in sound training? Whether you are taking your first steps towards practitioner level or just want to up-skill enough to safely add sound to your yoga classes, our unique 5-level training journey and mentorship programme are designed to offer you the very highest experience of sound education and expansion.



We weave the healing art of Usui Reiki throughout the shala's offerings. You can also book in for a 1:1 classical reiki treatment or a hybrid session with one of our facilitators, who bring aspects of sound and many other practices such as crystal healing, vortex healing, chakra balancing and even Egyptian temple science into their reiki-based energetic offerings.

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We pride ourselves on offering yoga practices from the lesser travelled methods, including Rocket Yoga (modified ashtanga), Jivamukti-inspired vinyasa, and our signature candlelit sonic yin.



Our house breathwork sessions are offered in the Conscious Connected method, and we also welcome guest workshops from across the spectrum of the zeitgeist breathwork world. Look out for our signature breath and sound alchemy workshops, bringing together our two favourite experiences.



Our Cosmic Alchemy Sessions offer a hybrid astrology/tarot experience (or just choose one, if you prefer). Book in to explore your natal chart and intuitive gifts from a real-life perspective: this is not fortune-telling, but an opportunity to refine your own self-development journey through expansion tools.

Reiki Therapy in Goa


Group sound journeys are held throughout the week, with many other specially themed one-off events also available. We offer full-scale sessions wrapped up in ceremony and ritual, as well as pure and simple gong baths. Guarantee your mat by booking ahead online - check out what's on to get started.


find the silence & noise shala

Silence & Noise Shala

Agonda Beach Road

Agonda, Goa, 403720

We are located on the rooftop of Fatima’s Guesthouse, which is accessed via the courtyard next to Fatima Bar & Restaurant on Agonda Beach Road.

Reiki Therapy in India

Tel: +91 93071 15079

Silence & Noise Shala

Agonda Beach Road

Agonda, Goa, 403720

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