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Sound Healing for Yoga Teachers


Want to turn your basic bowl skills pro in just two hours? This compact yet juicy workshop is jam-packed with technique tips and insider tricks from a professional sound practitioner (and yoga teacher). Designed to guide yoga teachers** like YOU into the creative and confident use of sound in your classes, the course is delivered in four accessible bite-size chunks. We cover the SCIENCE, ENERGETICS, MUSICOLOGY and SAFETY of sound healing, offering all the basic information and skills you need to get started with adding sound to your yoga space confidently, creatively and professionally. As well as the video content, you'll receive a workbook brimming with practical tips and how-to guides that you'll revisit again and again as your own sound journey unfolds. ** This course has been designed for yoga teachers but is applicable to pilates and other movement facilitators, breathwork guides, reiki masters or anyone else engaged in delivering group wellness spaces.

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