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Janie is an established and experienced sound healing practitioner, and has been working full time in this field since 2017. Although an orchestral soundworker (someone who blends many instruments together), she specialises in gongs and singing bowls. As well as a raft of countless sound healing instruments, she plays the flute, guitar, piano, and is currently learning the complex 72-string santoor.

She is also a senior yoga teacher with 1000+ training hours, certified in Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and advance certified in the Rocket method as well as Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers; she is also an Usui Reiki Master with extensive experience of integrating sound into other modalities and teachings.

This course is an amalgamation of everything Janie has learned in the last 15 years of exploring sound and 8 years of growing as a full-time sound healer; woven through with her experience in running global businesses, building startups, sharing large-scale performances, and holding 1:1 spaces. 

Janie has studied music theory as a classical flautist, gong with leading sound healer Sheila Whittaker, and sound therapy training with the College of Sound Healing amongst other professional qualifications. She studied music production training with particular focus on recording complex percussion instrumentation, and has self-taught synths and live production. 

She has become FASCINATED by quantum physics, the chemistry of the brain, and the physiology of the mind - emerging from her own experience with chronic sleep disorders, anxiety and treating/living with a brain tumour. 

She is passionate about information, empirical and research-based knowledge, and the need to engage in sacred and powerful work with framework, experience and understanding of its impact. 

Janie is the author of the book The Healing Power of Sound which will be published by David & Charles in June 2024. 

Janie Everett

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