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Mentorship is a customised container designed to hold you in developing your sound practice and taking your confidence, skills and knowledge to the next level.

It’s all about working with YOUR completely unique talents, amplifying your tone of voice, freeing you from homogenised one-size-fits-all certifications and elevating your personal brand, delivery and impact.

Mentorship is specifically aimed at professional or post-training sound practitioners and facilitators interested in developing a deeper and more prismatic sound practice, and is designed to fill gaps and ask pertinent questions that expand your horizons beyond basic training. It is also suited to those looking to add sound to an existing wellness practice, and to curious explorers who are simply here for the love of the soundspace.

reiki energy

unlock your secret sauce

Ever found yourself in your professional soundspace asking yourself “what the hell do I do now”?

Have you been itching to include your singing bowl in your women’s circle but are nervous it’s going to go wrong?

Are you trained up and weighed down with certificates but still lacking confidence and feel like you’re jumping over knowledge gaps?



MENTORSHIP will offer you answers, expansion and support:

Just HOW do you play multiple instruments at once?

How can I build ‘performance’ skills and get more confident in front of groups?

Why didn’t my course teach me anything about the neuroscience of sound - can YOU teach it to me?

Were you already musical? How can I make my sessions sound more dynamic and joined up and intentional?

How did you create your own style of playing and how can I do it too? What’s your secret sauce?

What do you do when someone has a life-changing PTSD experience in the sound space? How do you know what to do and say to support them?

How do you manage to speak so easily in front of people without tripping over the details and getting freaked out?

How do your sessions always hang together so well - how do you come up with themes and all your playlists and background mixes?

Does it ever all go wrong for you? [ PS - YES ] What do you do when you knock a gong over or totally lose your way?



Your investment starts from as little as £200. You can find all the price points in the brochure. 



Read up on my Mentorship Pillars. What’s getting you excited?


watch the introductory video

Get a sense of how we can work together to build the brand, skills and confidence you deserve.


book a discovery call

A chance to ask me any questions

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